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The best way to get a feeling for ESS™'s front-end is with™ (for the Audit and Admin module contact us for a Webex demo or try the cloud).™ runs on the Amazon Cloud and is the exact same software that you will get when you download ESS™ from™. To sign up for™ all you need to do is to submit the following form for you and your colleges. You'll receive an email with your access links and password. Get started today!

Company information

In the fields below, you should enter your company name and your expense reporting "needs". There are two options. It is best to go for the simplest option. You can increase the complexity of the system later on. The simplest option meets the minimum standards for declaring expenses as well as accounting for advances and foreign exchange. The next level allows you to tie expenses back to clients and projects. Finally enter the language of your choice and let us know how many reports you need to process each month if you do install the system.
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Administrator and Auditor

As the administrator of the system you are responsible for auditing reports, and maintaining the user and other tables. You can add other auditors with the Audit and Administration module after your company has been set up. Also, email addresses are unique throughout the system. If you assign someone an email address that is already in use, that user will not be added to the system. Also, as the administrator your email address cannot be from a public domain such as yahoo, gmail, etc.

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This screen will let you set up a small group of users. It uses the default settings for each user regarding managers, expense lists, approval. Don't worry about the number of users. As the administrator you can go use the 'Admin' link and add new users. For now, modify the fields below to create the first manager or approver. The approving manager is the person responsible for signing off on the reports of the initial group of users. For testing, the approving manager is often the administrator. To modify your expense type list and approval routing, contact

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Next you can identify up to three people who file expense reports and will have their reports approved by the above manager. This is a good way to test the system out. You can create more users with the 'Go to Admin' link once your company has been setup. These users are optional and you can leave a user blank if you don't want the user for testing. Also, email addresses must be unique in the system.

Reporter 1's info
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